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ENVIROBAT ESPAÑA presents the RECPACEX-18 project at the ECOMONDO Exhibition

ENVIROBAT ESPAÑA has presented the advances on the RECPACEX-18 Project during ECOMONDO Fair (https://en.ecomondo.com/). ECOMONDO fair is the leading Euro-Mediterranean area in the green and circular economy with the objective of the Circular Economy. ENVIROBAT has shown the progress of the project that achieves the use of the Organic fraction that comes out from the […]

ENVIROBAT ESPAÑA participates at the CarE-Service Project

ENVIROBAT ESPAÑA participates in the CarE-Service Project (it´s funded from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 776851) that aims at demonstrating Innovative Circular Economy Business Models based on advanced mobility services exploiting hybrid and electric vehicles. Such business models will entail re-use, remanufacturing and recycling of components and […]

ENVIROBAT ESPAÑA is involved in the RECPACEX-18 project

ENVIROBAT ESPAÑA is involved in the RECPACEX-18 Project which aims to use the Organic fraction that comes out from the Alkaline Spent Battery Treatment, as a raw material for manufacturing ceramic materials. R&D Departments in completed committed with the Circular Economy Strategy throughout the recycling of all fractions that yield from spent battery treatments. RECPACEX-18 […]

Envirobat España has been granted with a Torres Quevedo Contract

ENVIROBAT ESPAÑA has obtained an Grant for a Contract under the Torres Quevedo Program (PTQ16) from the Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness and for a Feasibility Study of Li-ion Battery Recycling. PhD. Juan M. Pérez, Head of R&D will perform this three-year long project which is framed in the Circular Economy Strategy, particularly […]

Speech at the “VDI International Conference” in Munich

Envirobat España has been invited to give a speech at the International VDI Conference (www.vdi-international.com/batteryrecycling) which will be hold during 14 y 15th June in Munich (Germany). The speech proposed is “Battery Recycling in Spain: Results, Alkaline Batteries Case” will show the recycling results in Spain focusing on alkaline spent batteries that Envirobat is a […]

Envirobat, member of AEPIBAL

ENVIROBAT ESPAÑA SL is full member of the Business Association of Batteries and Storage Systems (AEPIBAL) since January 2008. AEPIBAL was born to respond to the concerns of entrepreneurs who bet on energy storage and represent their interests to public administrations, but also by the strategic impulse within the ecosystem of Secartys, giving support to […]