NewProLaBat Project

Envirobat Spain is developing the NewProLaBat Project (New Brass Recovery Process in Batteries), whose main objective is the recovery of small brass particles present in the fraction of paper and plastic residues produced in the initial phase of classification, selection, and mechanical crushing of alkaline battery waste. With the execution of this project, Envirobat Spain aims to significantly reduce the volume of waste destined for landfills, recovering 34 tons/year of valuable materials such as brass, which will be reused as secondary raw materials in the industry. The NewProLaBat project is firmly aligned with the circular economy, offering as an environmental benefit the impact that the reduction of gross demand for brass as a virgin raw material entails, as well as the optimization of recovery and reuse processes that allows for the extension of the useful life of these critical materials.

This project/initiative is incentivized with a grant from the Innovation Support Program: Innova – Adelante in Castilla La Mancha, co-financed 80% by the European Regional Development Fund.

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