2Cycle Project

Envirobat Spain, S.L., is developing the 2Cycle Project (Second Life for Lithium Ion Batteries); its main objective is the Eco-design, development, and manufacturing of a new product, a second-life battery prototype, by recovering, integrating, and reusing cylindrical Lithium Ion cells that have completed their first useful life cycle.

Envirobat Spain, S.L., leading the 2Cycle project, is developing an initiative that aims to promote a detailed, consistent, and value-enhancing Eco-design, so that the second life of batteries achieves optimal performance and refurbishment extends their useful life as long as possible, applying knowledge and technologies, supporting the development of the circular economy, electric mobility, and its value chain.

2Cycle is aligned with several Sustainable Development Goals and promotes the substitution, recovery, and valorization of resources for the ecological transition. This Project/Action is incentivized with a grant from the Investment Support Program: Adelante – Investment in Castilla La Mancha, co-financed by 80% from the European Regional Development Fund.

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