Researches confirms that the Znium obtained after the hydrometallurgical treatment of the used batteries of Zn-C and alkaline according to the CSIC – Envirobat procedure present good properties as precursor for the production of sensors and other potential applications.


 Znium nanostructures


In the 3RD SYMPOSIUM ON URBAN MINING AND CIRCULAR ECONOMY (Sum 2016), held in Bergamo, Italy, the first results were presented in the characterization of Znium for use in the manufacture of sensors.

In the work, which has had the participation of the Department of Physics of Materials of the Faculty of Physics of the Complutense University of Madrid, has been studied the possibility of making gas and photoluminescent sensors from the Znium obtained from the recycling of batteries and Batteries from Envirobat España S.L.

The Znium synthesis process has been designed by the National Metallurgical Research Center. It has been verified that the Znium presents luminescent properties with bands characteristic of emission of the Znium variable with the conditions of synthesis. This opens a new line of product development for high added value applications, as a result of the collaboration between Envirobat España, S.L. and the National Center for Metallurgical Research (CSIC).