Each day the number of hybrid and electric vehicles running through our highways and streets are continuously increasing. Environmental awareness, fiscal deductions and flexibility for driving throughout big cities for these kind of new vehicles lead to both OEM and users for choosing this type of mobility.

Main difference between that kind of vehicles and those “traditional combustion motor” are the batteries. Almost all batteries are Li-ion type and, they signify over one third of the total price of the vehicle. Li-ion batteries are on site till their capacity decreases up to 80% of its initial being substitute in that moment. Till today, the unique option was the recycling which performed under guaranties, it has to be the last option.

However, in a Circular Economy model, the substitution of batteries is the new starting point for a second life to batteries. There exists a world of applications less demanding than powering a vehicle for which this kind of batteries can play an excellent role. This is what we named as Batteries for second life.

Envirobat España is the very first company in Spain obtaining a R14 code which allows us, under a legal point of view, the commercialization for second life batteries.

In our processes, batteries are dismantled from hybrid and electric vehicles and then undergone to an evaluation process for those which are considered appropriate for their new application.


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