Contributing to the Circular Economy

Recycling of batteries, accumulators and batteries is an activity whose ultimate goal is to reduce the number of batteries, accumulators and batteries that are discarded as solid urban waste. Batteries, accumulators and batteries contain various heavy metals and toxic chemicals whose disposal has been a cause of concern because of the risks of contamination of soil and water, which they represent.

If we throw them in the trash they reach the landfills and these metals, highly toxic, are released to the water cycle through the rain or the gas produced when burning the garbage. If we do not recycle these types of products, it has a high impact on the environment produced by the leachate, because the batteries are dumped with the rest of the household waste, being dumped in open garbage dumps or landfills.

In the vast majority of cities there are selective collection points for batteries, where users can deposit them and get an efficient traceability and recovery of them, there are usually large containers (shopping malls, supermarkets, etc.) for this and even In large cities there are canopies in points of the city and at bus stops to facilitate their treatment.


By choosing Envirobat Spain, you are relying on a clean technology company, which strives to give your business an image of environmental responsibility.

As a recycling company, we have a thorough knowledge of the complicated environmental standards that your company must face every day.

To help you focus on your core business, Envirobat Spain offers a range of state-of-the-art services in terms of recycling, logistical support and advice on legal and environmental issues.


Compliance with environmental standards and customer specifications.

Coordination from start to finish of all services, including cross-border logistics, reporting and archiving. Destruction guaranteed to prevent the use of second hand batteries, as well as the destruction of batteries that have not reached the level of quality required by manufacturers.

Operational excellence and traceability.