Envirobat España has an active R&D policy involved in the recovery of metals from all kind of spent batteries. We work together with our partners/collaborators to form a team for applying the newest technologies in the search of Excellence and Innovation of all the projects we are developing.

Our goal is to achieve the Circular Economy Objective. The R&D Department is developing several projects in different technological areas which we offer to our clients.

In our facilities we perform both lab and pilot plant studies.


In the framework of this project, Envirobat España is going to set up a pilot plant with cutting edge hydrometallurgical technology to recycle the black mass of alkaline batteries. The aim is to extract metals and to come up with high recovery rates allowing to reach the stiff targets of the Circular Economy. This project is supported by Center for technological industrial development (CDTI), by granting a financial support that is co-funded by the European fund for regional development (FEDER). The R&D&I operational program is the guiding tool dedicated to supporting private companies.

Manganese oxide recovery from Blackl Mass (ReOMaME)

ENVIROBAT ESPAÑA has been awarded with a grant within the Program INNOVA-ADELANTE, Entrepreneurship Innovation Fund Line of the D.G. de Empresas, Competitividad e Internacionalización of Castilla-La Mancha Region. This program is being granted by the European Development Regional Fund (ERDF) up to 80%.

Project ReOMaME under ID 19/16/IN/1/024 has the goal of achieving the EU Objetive of Circular Economy. Particularly, present project yields the recovery of Manganese from Black Mass of spent alkaline batteries treatment.

Funding is being employed in the building and starting up of the demostrative pilot plant that gives a Manganese recovery of 80% or higher under a hydrometallurgical innovative process.